SAP Professionals

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M.Sc. Applied Computer Science


A master’s degree in informatics increases your chances of securing a lucrative position in the software and IT industry. With our master’s programm you will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills required for the job. Our graduates are working for large enterprises such as AIRBUS, ADIDAS, AUDI, BOSCH, BMW, BASF, DEUTSCHE BOERSE, DKFZ, SAP, TRIMUPH, VERIVOX, etc. and many more small and medium sized companies. Our programme is also accredited for senior positions in the public sector. Furthermore, a master’s degree qualifies for research e.g. doctoral studies.

Some positions you will be qualified for

  • Structural and object-orientated software development in the fields of advanced engineering and architecture.
  • Systems analyst and system designer for large and medium-sized ERP systems.
  • Technical and process-oriented consulting, e.g. project manager with international competencies.
  • Computer game developer, multimedia designer, network administrator, database manager, web designer, to name but a few.
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