Safe Destination for Students

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Safe Destination for Students

In general, the crime rate in Germany is far below that in the United States. Regardless of which criterion of violent crime you consider, Germany is much safer than the United States. This is especially true for students, because they usually live close to their universities, which tend to be either located in “Universitaetsstaedte,” far removed from the problems of the metropolises, or in city centres. Most of the rougher areas of the bigger cities aren’t located in the city centres, but instead are found on the outskirts, which means that students are unlikely to wander into bad neighbourhoods accidentally.

International students studying in Germany enjoy their stay and gladly recommend their experience to other students, according to StudyPortals’ International Student Satisfaction Awards 2014. Overall, Germany received a total score of 8.8 out of 10 in terms of student satisfaction.

International students have very positive comments about the cities and cultural atmosphere in Germany. In fact, comments show that students in Germany place a greater importance on the city and living environment than the European average. The big German cities maintain an international environment, attracting people from all over the world. There are numerous opportunities to socialize and take part in fun activities either organized by universities or just happening in the cities in general. Most students also enjoy travelling around the country.

Students who study in Germany are generally happy with the academic side than the European average, although some may argue there is room for improvement. Students are pleased with the fact that courses help their self-development and are generally pleased with teacher involvement. Many also report high academic standards and highly experienced professors. The quality of facilities is also praised by many students.

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