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Why study MBA from Germany?

There is a global shift towards development and consequent need for skilled and educated manpower. Indians have inherent intelligence and great learning capabilities. But unfortunately, there is inadequacy of well- equipped education centers. As the world distances are shrinking, more Indians are opting for high-caliber Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies in foreign countries.

World’s 3rd largest economy, Germany is second to none in exports and R&D. Germany presents itself as a creator of new jobs in India with already over 700 German companies in India. Among foreign investors in India, Germany was the third largest in the year 2005-06 with a volume of 303 Million USD. SAP, Bosch and Siemens are only a few examples of companies investing heavily in India. In such a scenario, you would only be benefited with a German degree.

MBA in Germany, German Universities combine research and study and have been the scene of many groundbreaking discoveries and are internationally renowned. Arguably the only country in the World where completion of study programs is smoothly followed by paid internship in top Multinational companies, leading to full-time jobs eventually. German companies are interested in attracting well-trained graduates from abroad. And in many cases, these former students continue working for the company as a foreign spokesperson once they return home.

Georg-Simon-Ohm Management Institute (GSO-MI) is part of the famous Georg-Simon-Ohm University of Applied Sciences in Germany, named after the physicist Georg-Simon-Ohm, one of the leading scientists of the 19th century. In 1826 he had formulated Ohm’s Law of electric resistance. From 1839 to 1849 he led the Nuremberg University as its president. GSO-MI is situated in Nuremberg, one of the most dynamic economic areas in Germany. The region around Nuremberg is home for more than one million people and a multitude of international companies.

All GSO-MI programs are exclusively taught in English. Therefore German language skills are not a prerequisite for starting your MBA studies in Nuremberg. If you are willing to learn German, you have the op­portunity to join the German language courses at no extra fee. GSO-MI also offers Internship possibilities with leading German companies such as Siemens, Adidas, Puma and HypoVereinsbank, situated adjacent to the Business School. A good command of German will expand your advantage on the job market in case you consider working for one of the approx. 700 German companies in India.

The GSO-MI is ranked among the top three of Germany’s top public universities for its excellent, practice-oriented MBA programs at affordable tuition fees. GSO-MI is truly international: approximately 50% of the MBA students are international students form Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and South America. GSO-MI students will profit from the personalised career service and job opportunities with multinational German companies.

Also, as a foreign student your study visa entitles you to work 20 hours a week. This right is not restricted for campus jobs unlike in the US. After your graduation you have the right to stay in Germany for one year. During this time you can concentrate on job-hunting. A permanent residence permit will be guaranteed after having been successful in finding a job. You are also entitled to Permanent Residency within 5 years of working full-time in Germany.

Their local representative, The Calculus (estd. 1985) a leading Consultancy based in New Delhi, is the largest German education Consultancy operating in India. It also offers various job-oriented programs in France. Over the years, The Calculus has built an enviable reputation for professionalism & ethical operations unmatched by any in the industry offering comprehensive range of solutions. Besides facilitating admissions, it also offers visa counselling, assistance with education loans, health insurance, accommodation, travel arrangements, foreign exchange, orientation session etc. All the services offered to the students are free of cost.

The Calculus located in the heart of New Delhi at Connaught Place next to the Regal Cinema is easily accessible and offers state-of-the art facilities. Above all, The Calculus is the one of the few consultancies to be certified by the Government of India for recruitment activities.

Commit yourself to German culture and you will be miles ahead compared to high-potentials graduating from other countries.

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