Job Opportunities in India

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Job Opportunities back in India

The number of international students from India is increasing at a record pace, with figures crossing the 300,000 threshold for the first time in 2015. Lack of capacity and quality are the major reasons why Indian students are increasingly choosing to go abroad for higher studies. According to conservative estimates, a staggering 70% of the educational institutes in India are of poor standards. Meanwhile, competition for a seat at the premium institutes, which there are only a handful of them, is such that many deserving candidates bite the dust. Studying in a foreign university, on the other hand, offers not just a chance to explore a quality academic environment but also widen one’s experience through exposure to diverse campus life.

Another major factor here is the opportunities that open up for foreign graduates in the job sector. There are multiple benefits; one of them being there is an enhancement in your earning potential. A foreign degree from a good university makes your CV stand out.

Many students who go to Germany for studies also plan to stay back and work there after completing their studies. However, sometimes the prospect of a good job in India also makes them come back home. Employers view students with a German degree favourably as their college curriculum is believed to be more in sync with the needs of the industry. While most Indian institutes fail to reinforce the relationship of the course with the job, German universities focus on providing a skill set to the students.

In addition to having the ability to solve real-world problems, German-educated students show better communication skills and critical thinking ability and typically have better subject knowledge, assets that are increasingly valued by most companies. Most importantly, they are considered to be job ready, which helps company cut down costs otherwise they would spend on training a new recruit.


India has been an attractive market for multi-national companies since long. MNCs seek to enter this growing market of India and establish business relations with the country as its next base. German companies in India too are not far behind in choosing the nation as their base and functioning with the right strategy. These multi-national companies believe that the nation has a huge growing capacity and its best to bring in their products and invest their capital here. Carl Zeiss, Henkel Group, Schuler, and Adidas India Marketing Pvt Ltd are some of the best German companies in India.

Above 80 percent of the multi-national companies believe in the growth potential of the nation. Being a manufacturing hub for international companies, India has opened up the market for trade and commerce within and outside the country too. German companies too have their manufacturing units though many of them are still planning to have one in India.

Service industry in India too benefits German Companies in some way or the other. The benefits that these companies get in setting up Business Process Outsourcing companies and R&D services are immense. This has led to an attraction for most of the German based industries to shift their focus to India that offers cheap and quality labour compared to other countries. German companies in India have a positive outlook and have nurtured plans to develop greater industrial relations on the land with great workforce. Not only does India serve as a seat for industrial growth, but it also serves as a wonderful market for finished German goods.

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