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How safe is Germany?

How safe is Germany? Germany is a safe country for international standards.  There is no reason for anyone travelling to be excessively worried about crime.  There is no reason to...

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Benefits of learning German

Benefits of learning German   In an increasingly globalized world, any foreign language provides students with improved global understanding. The foreign language understanding not only adds a boost to the Curriculum...

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Frequently Asked Questions on studying in Germany

What is the salary for a part time job in Germany? Euro 8 to 10 per hour What is the profiles of a student who got selected for the...

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14 benefits of studying in Germany

—German universities are the best and oldest in the World for Technical education ( TU9 universities are older and ranked higher than IIT’s in the World.) —Proficiency in German...

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Germany’s top technical Universities

TU9 Universities are older and ranked higher than IIT’s in the world. TU9 is the network of Germany’s leading Institutes of technology. All of the TU9 institutes of technology...

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Why many international students do not prefer English taught programs at German Universities

Due to following reasons most international students are now preferring to opt for German taught programs in German Universities instead of English taught programs. 1. Better job prospects Germany...

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