Business Partners

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Business Partners


Strategic Alliance programme of The Calculus, largest German Consultancy in Asia, gives you an opportunity to be associated with the pioneer and the most respected brand in German Education Consultancy, giving your business the required credibility push. Some of our major strengths are:

Who can be our Strategic Alliance Partner?

The Calculus selects its alliance partners with utmost care. We conduct a thorough due diligence before finalizing a partner. Some of the minimum requirements that Calculus alliance partner must have are:

  • Area required : 500-1000 sq feet
  • Investment required : Rs.4-5 Lakhs
  • National advertisement pool (between The Calculus and franchisee)
  • A high level of interest and commitment to Overseas Education as a business.
  • A strong entrepreneurial spirit and zeal to succeed.
  • Adequate financial resources.
  • Commitment to highest level of quality in deliverables.
  • Willingness and desire to learn the various nuances of managing education business.
  • Local area marketing will be the responsibility of franchisee.


The Calculus offers the complete business format franchisee in the Abroad education Consultancy with exclusive focus on the next most popular study abroad destination – Germany. Our unique concept of franchising provides the franchisee with complete know how of building and successfully operating the Calculus education consultancy services, German language training and test preparation.

  • Be part of a recession-free industry.
  • Complete solutions for students (from counselling to admission to loans to VISA).
  • Most prompt support services for fanchisees.
  • High profit margins.
  • Programs with intakes every month, thus enrollments throughout the year.
  • Low investments, high returns.
  • The Calculus Goodwill, Brand, Quality.
  • Opportunity to explore the best education market (5,000 Indian students leave for Germany every year. This figure is set to cross 50,000 Indian students over next few years).
  • Opportunity of exposing the Indian middle class aspirants to the No/Low cost quality education in few  of the best universities of the world.
  • Goodwill of the Asia’s biggest education consultants for Germany with unmatched expertise in German Education.
  • Experience of sending the highest number of students to Germany for education and career building for last so many years.
  • Regular training to keep up the knowledge quotient.
  • Reduces the franchisee’s burden only to the extent of counselling and enrolling the student. Post which company chips in and directly provides post-enrollment services to student.
  • Marketing and Sales Support to the partners.
  • Interactive Help desk system.
  • Continuous research and development.
  • ACT!!! An advanced CRM for better enquiry management and conversion Multiple revenue streams.
  • Complete hand holding.
  • Here’s an opportunity for you to be a franchisee of The Calculus, the pioneers and the largest Education Consultancy in Asia for Germany. Now also started with France.
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