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The Calculus has been recruiting meritorious students from all over the globe. Our mission is simply to promote diversity and encourage students in renowned College/University campuses overseas and to promote the value of higher education across Asia .

Our overseas Education Consultancy Division was set up with a vision to enable students from all nations to have the opportunity to pursue higher education overseas. Our objective is to build a strong network of associate partners, who realize the same dream and derive satisfaction by learning and from helping young scholars to make their dream come true. Our commitment to our associates has been another reason for our continued success! It could also be the basis of your success as an Associate Partner of The Calculus.

Asia, especially India has become an ideal target area in international student recruitment. As most Indian students are proficient in the English language and have excellent communication skills, international Colleges and Universities realize their potential. Education comes in many forms as the Indian student has the opportunity to learn the nuances of various cultures as related to customs, business, and enterprise. He or she may then incorporate this knowledge upon returning to their country.

Finally, we are happy to say that without effective and cordial relationships with our reputed Associates, The Calculus’s goal – to provide quality service to students could not have been realized. This is true, equally importantly, with whom we develop our Associate Partner relationships with!

For you, The Calculus provides a support system for all those with whom we work. We believe in the power of interpersonal communication and implement this belief in all communications with students and Associate Partners alike. We work closely with Associate Partners so as to make any transition one must make as easy as possible. We seek mutually satisfying relationships.

The Calculus Associate Partners should have the understanding that international student candidates must be able to visit an Associate and have all the required information at his or her fingertips. As such, The Calculus supplies our Associate Partners with all College/University program materials as needed. With so much potential in the student recruitment market, the financial dividends are quite attractive. In fact, most of our Associate Partner invests in our business simply because of the glorious past and brand equity attached with The Calculus in the Industry. Besides, financial incentives there are also those intangible things that money can’t buy through making people learn and helping them to make their dream come true. We welcome your consideration in venturing this unique, rewarding industry.

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