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Germany’s top technical Universities

  • TU9 Universities are older and ranked higher than IIT’s in the world. TU9 is the network of Germany’s leading Institutes of technology.
  • All of the TU9 institutes of technology can look back on a long tradition and enjoy an excellent reputation both in Germany and Internationally.
  • While the main emphasis lies in Engineering and Natural sciences, the TU9 Institutes of technology also offer courses in economics, humanities and social sciences.
  • Famous Alumni of TU9-

     –Wendelin WiedekingCEO of Porche, studied at the RWTH.

     – Konrad Zuse, inventor of the first calculating machine, studied at the Technical College of Berlin.

     –Carl Benz, Inventor of automobile and founder of Mercedes Benz, studied at the Polytechnical College of Karlsruhe.

     –Kofi Annan, former Secretary-General of the UN, holds an honorary doctorate from the TU Dresden.


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    Hi My name is Ajmal Saidzai I want to study in Germany please help me that how can I apply and get visa.

  2. Posted by mahapavit| March 2, 2017 AT 09 am |

    Hi Ajmal,

    Kindly reach us through our contact us form. we will help you about this matter.

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